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Discount Shred is a locally operated business, offering secure document and paper shredding services. We offer secure shred containers designed to safely store your documents until they're scheduled for pickup, providing a worry-free, cost-effective solution for both commercial and residential clients. Our service ensures your sensitive documents are securely held, awaiting our professional on-site shredding.

Shred Collection Containers & Bins

For added protection of your sensitive documents, we provide secure Shred Collection Containers and Bins. These units are secured for the holding of confidential papers, ensuring they remain safe until it’s time for shredding. Easily placed in your place of business, these lockable containers safeguard your important documents, aligning perfectly with our shredding process. This method reflects our commitment to securing your data from the initial collection to the final destruction, demonstrating our dedication to comprehensive security and ensuring your peace of mind.

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Shred Collection Containers

Secure Locked Shredding Containers for Regular Paper Shredding Service

Purge Shredding Jobs

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We take pride in providing paper shredding to the local community and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

At Discount Shred, we prioritize the secure handling of your sensitive documents through our specialized Shred Collection Containers & Bins, designed to ensure the best protection of your data in compliance with regulations like GLB, FACTA, HIPAA, and SOX. These containers, equipped with locks, are thoughtfully positioned within your office for the safekeeping of documents until they are ready for destruction. Our mobile shredding units then perform on-site shredding directly from these containers, maintaining document security until the final stage of recycling into clean paper. This service, complemented by our Certificate of Destruction, affirms our commitment to security and client satisfaction. We offer flexible shredding schedules and are equipped to handle both routine services and large-scale purges, making us a trusted leader in the field of secure document management.

Destruction Certification

Discount Shred takes data security seriously and ensures the professional destruction of sensitive information. After each shredding job, we issue a Certificate of Destruction promptly, providing you with tangible proof that your confidential documents have been thoroughly and securely obliterated.

This certificate serves as a crucial document for your records, verifying that Discount Shred has met its commitment to safeguarding your information and helping you maintain compliance with privacy regulations. It offers peace of mind, assuring you that your data is no longer at risk of falling into the wrong hands.

Shred Collection Containers & Bins are secure, lockable units provided by Discount Shred for the safe storage of your confidential documents awaiting shredding. Designed with security in mind, these containers are strategically placed within your premises, ensuring your sensitive information remains protected until the scheduled shredding time. Our mobile shredding service then performs the shredding directly from these containers, maintaining the integrity of your documents’ confidentiality throughout the entire process. This approach not only streamlines the shredding procedure but also aligns with stringent privacy regulations, offering you peace of mind and a secure method to manage your document destruction needs.

We offer a variety of shred containers to suit different needs and office spaces, including secure consoles, locking bins, and executive containers. Each is designed to ensure the secure collection of sensitive documents pending destruction.
The right shred container depends on your volume of sensitive documents and office space. Our secure consoles are ideal for office environments, while locking bins are suited for higher volume needs. We’re happy to consult with you to find the best fit.
Absolutely. Our shred containers are equipped with locks and designed with security in mind to keep your sensitive documents safe until they are shredded. Only authorized personnel can access the contents for shredding.
Yes, our shred containers are meant to be kept onsite at your location. This allows for convenient and secure storage of documents needing shredding. We’ll schedule regular pickups based on your needs to shred the contents.
Service frequency is tailored to your needs. We offer flexible scheduling options, including weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly services, to ensure your shred containers are serviced regularly and your sensitive documents are securely destroyed in a timely manner.

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